Glory Sun Financial ──a diversified financial platform in the Greater China Region which based in the Hong Kong financial industry and accumulated 20 years of experience. Its owned by a giant “Glory Sun Financial Group”, which has powerful capital strengths, strong high-tech innovation abilities and extensive experience in financial market operations. Since its establishment in 1998, the Company has been adhering to the service concept “pursuit of excellence, pioneering innovation” to provide diverse financial services for global investors, covering global securities commodity investments, assets management, wealth management, financial planning, and other fields, and is highly trusted by customers.

Our aim is to operate a premium private investment banking brand. To provide global wealth management and asset allocation services, focus on capital expansion based on financial technology research and development so that customers can understand their investment portfolios and their performance anytime and anywhere; meanwhile, we assist customers to achieve their goals in accordance with their financial plans. Our investment strategy takes into consideration appropriate arrangements for customer’s life security, retirement, healthcare, old-age pension, and wealth inheritance, etc. We take the customer’s interests as a priority, and provide quality services for Hong Kong, mainland China, and global customers to become their most valued and trusted partner.

Core Values


Pragmatic approach to law, attach equal importance to business development and corporate responsibility


Exercise caution, treat trusted assets properly and give equal opportunities


Constant improvement, drive values higher with unconventional thinking


Team work, build higher quality services with a professional spirit

In recent years, mobile financial services have become increasingly popular. Glory Sun Financial keeps abreast with the times and is committed to the input of innovative financial technologies and the development of mobile service platforms by relying on the huge technical expertise of its parent company Glory Sun Financial Group. At the same time, we are actively and vigorously developing the Greater China market. After settling in Shanghai and Shenzhen, Glory Sun Financial will enter Beijing and increase capital inputs to expand the innovative financial platform for wealth management, thus providing valued mainland investors with international investment management services.

After years of operation and accumulation, and our team’s careful planning of successful customer programs, Glory Sun Financial has become a wealth management financial institution that is most trusted in all walks of life in Hong Kong and mainland China. In the future, we will continue to be the financial provider which is second to none in the Asia Pacific Region, and provide quick and comprehensive innovative financial services for distinguished investors, thus meeting individual and corporate investment needs and guiding investors onto the road to successful wealth management.

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