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The Five Steps in Financial Planning

House purchasing, financial freedom, retirement are the saving money purpose of many wage earners. However, dreams are hard to be reach if without any financial planning. In fact, setting up a basic financial plan is not as difficult as purchase a HOS house . Just follow these five steps:

Listen to your needs

We assess every aspect of your life goals, including saving, investments, insurance to retirement.

Analyze your financial situation

We provide objective analysis on your financial situation, aim to clarify your real needs of your financial supporting.

Formulate a plan and strategy

We help you to set up realistic plans, objectively evaluate alternatives.

Choose the Right Products

We work with you to choose the right financial services tailored to your needs.

Management and result evaluation

We monitor and assess your portfolio performance to adapt changes.

Why choose us

A quality financial plan is always essential to you. The financial market is glutted with varies types of financial products, our IFA aim to provide a tailor-made financial advisement service to let you know which product suit you the best. We are here to work independently for you rather than representing any insurance companies or banks.

One-Stop Financial Service Platform

Having a comprehensive financial plan is the first step in wealth accumulation. If you don’t fully understand the guarantees, risks, and value appreciations of different products and plans, you must select a one-stop financial service platform to provide you with professional analyses. Glory Sun Financial’s six subsidiaries help you plan your wealth at different stages of your life and offer a range of consulting services and investment products.

Supported by Listed Groups Strong and Solid

Glory Sun Financial(“Glory Sun Financial Holdings”) is a company under the Glory Sun Financial Group (listed number: 1282) which over the years has built the brand for the best quality private investment bank through their reputation in the financial world and the strengths of Glory Sun Financial Group. As of April 2017, the listed market value of the Glory Sun Financial Group was 19.1 billion, which has injected strength into Goldjoy Holdings.

Partnered with Big International Banks Confidence Assured

The one-stop financial service must provide safe and precise management services for customer’s wealth and assets; a quality financial service platform that should provide diversified product choices for customers. We are partnered with a number of big international banks, covering funds, insurance, and private investment trust services etc. Our investment products all have comprehensive risk management and protection in order to protect customers’ wealth across the board.