Asset Management

Comprehensive and Diversified Investment Management

Enhance Long-Term Returns

We are engaged in multi-category asset management business and provide comprehensive and diversified investment management services for institutions and individual clients. We bring a series of capital products to meet rapidly changing market conditions, and formulate new investment portfolios for different periods of time so as to increase long-term returns.

Glory Sun’s asset management team has advantaged information and evaluates each economic indicator, together with industry and enterprise information from a professional point of view. We regularly visit the Company’s management in order to thoroughly understand its business developments and future strategic directions, and thereby further explore investment opportunities.


Glory Sun Asset Management Limited (“Glory Sun Asset Management”) was established in March 2012, and regulates the implementation of Class 4 License (advice on securities) and Class 9 License (provision of asset management) activities as regulated by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”). Glory Sun Asset Management Limited mainly focuses on the Greater China Region and its targets include international funds, family trust asset, and high net worth investors, etc.

We have a large number of professionally qualified investment experts who have worked with many reputable institutions and gained many years of experience in investment management and investment banking business. With such extensive asset management experience, they remain responsive to today’s rapidly changing investment market and achieve effective asset allocation aimed at achieving high returns for investors.

Excellent performance comes from strict

Adherence to investment philosophy

Glory Sun’s outstanding performance in assets management stems from rigorous risk management. We effectively control all kinds of investment risks through different investment tools.

Diversification strategy and objective evaluations have been our investment philosophy for many years. We conduct exhaustive analyses and evaluations of each investment proposal in order to bring you the best returns.

Our professional investment experience accumulated over the years has further perfected our investment expertise. The senior investment professionals in charge of different asset categories make appropriate allocations through careful analyses so as to maintain an outstanding performance in the event of market fluctuations.

Our promise

We use a multi-platform mode of operation and provide high quality investment products and services for domestic and overseas investors on the basis of professional and accurate investment research. We increase your profits by utilizing the long-term potentials in different markets, and at the same time strike the best balance between various correlated financial targets.

We are committed to being your best partner during the course of your investments, we hope the income we bring to you will be an important cornerstone for your fruitful life.