Credit Financing

Comprehensive Advantageous Financial Management

Flexible transformation of funds through the properties held in hand

Regardless of whether you hold a deed, own a mortgaged property, or other assets, Glory Sun Credit helps all customers get extra funds for flexible use, which assists you in seizing market opportunities at any time to meet your different financial needs.

Glory Sun Credit provides primary and secondary mortgages and mortgage transfer services in order to convert your property into a circulating fund property. There are various types of properties which can be remortgaged, including private homes, residential houses, Chinese tenement houses, western-style houses, village houses, office buildings, shops, factories and parking spaces, etc. We offer a particularly high loan amount, which can be as high as 80% of the property price, with a repayment period up to 30 years. We charge no valuation fees and provide monthly interest reduced principal repayment methods, or the interest-first principal-later repayment method to greatly reduce the burden on our clients.


Glory Sun Credit Limited was established in October 2014, and is a credit company (lender company license:  0448/2020) recognized by the government of Hong Kong. It is also a member of Transunion Limited, and over the years has been stable and reputable.

We offer diversified credit services for customers and tailor-made loan financing plans for a wide range of clients and institutions. We provide simple and flexible “collateral” credit (at present mainly in Hong Kong real estate collateral) and stock mortgage loans, as well as professional and smart financial planning and management programs for “financing” and “financial management”.

Our lending and borrowing procedures are handled by licensed attorneys, but with no attorney fees.

Quality Financial Planning management

Solve Cash Turnover Problems

We offer one-stop financial planning and management plans providing professional advice on “financing” and “financial management”, thus assisting clients to access flexible funds and make flexible repayments. The Director in charge of our financial management projects has worked in a number of listed financial institutions and has engaged in financial business for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience and professional knowledge in secured and unsecured loan financing, property markets and securities financing, and can quickly solve cash turnover problems for clients.

Investors who wish to increase their capital strengths in stock trading can choose the stock mortgage loan, and all the stocks of the companies listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (excluding warrants and CBBCs) can be used as a mortgage credit. We extended a loan amount adding up to HK$200 million; customers can choose a 5-year repayment period to reduce the repayment burden.

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