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Glory Sun Securities Limited is committed to being your most powerful investment supporter; we offer a wide range of products, including Hong Kong stocks, China B shares, tradeable A shares in Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connection and Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock connection, American stocks, Singaporean stocks, Japanese stocks, Taiwanese stocks, Australian stocks, South Korean stocks, Thai stocks, CBBCs, and subscription certificates, etc. We also provide securities financing trading services (margin) to greatly increase the flexibility of funds.

We also offer a variety of global futures products, including index, foreign exchange, and commodity futures, thereby providing more investment choices for profit and hedging.

Our professional investment strategy team holds lectures to share their investment experiences. They analyze investment opportunities for clients by providing professional advice and market information.


Glory Sun Securities Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is a subsidiary of Glory Sun Holdings, and was established in 1999. The Company is a participant of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is also a securities dealer (central No. AEZ062) registered with the Securities and Futures Commission.

The Company has adhered to the concept “pursuit of excellence, pioneering and innovative”, and provides diversified financial services for global investors, including global securities, futures, bond trading services, as well as wealth and asset management, securities financing, and corporate financing services, etc. Our clients are primarily individuals and enterprises throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Smart investments mean more than just an appreciation of capital.

Glory Sun Securities deeply understands that every minute and every dollar counts to increase your investment returns, whether you use personal investment knowledge or have faith in our perceptive insights, we have different solutions to balance your investment costs.

– Online Hong Kong stocks trading: Special low commission fees at 0.05%, HK$50 minimum
– Online futures trading: Day trading as low as HK$8/piece
– Securities margin trading: Special margin loan interest rate at 5%, can also allow you to subscribe for new margin shares by financing.
– New clients will receive an additional special low margin interest rate for Hong Kong shares with no commission fees.

Our promise

We sincerely believe that we can only go further by being people orientated.

Glory Sun Securities has established an international-level quality control system, both in terms of products and services, or after-sales customer services. You request for a professional customer manager to place orders and provide quick, convenient, and accurate financial services for you through our interactive hotline. Our customer service team has extensive experience, and they are always ready to answer customer calls and questions both on- and offline.

A group of top experts with rich international investment and research experience has been exploring the best investment opportunities through exhaustive researches and analyses. They help investors find the right direction under volatile market conditions based on real market situations and investment analyses published by the main media.

In addition to diversified products, for many years we have been providing excellent services and constantly enhancing customer experience.