Safe and Stable Investment Tools

Gold is one of the rarest and most precious metals. As the saying goes “one should collect antiques in the heyday and save gold in troubled times.” When the international economy is in turmoil, it is relatively safe and stable to invest in precious metals, which are often used as a tool against portfolios to hedge the risks of investments in the stock market and other markets. Precious metals have become one of the most important investment tools on the market.

Precious metals are a safe and stable investment tool, but that does not mean that customers cannot benefit from such characteristics. By setting a leveraged transaction with appropriate risks for customers, the complementary balance effect of flexible risk control and profit increase can be achieved; thus funds are utilized more flexibly with larger profits at smaller costs.


Glory Sun Bullion Limited holds a valid Class A1 trading business license from the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society. Registered on June 4, 2013 in Hong Kong, it has been engaged for many years in a full range of merchandise and physical goods, as well as electronic gold, silver and other precious metals trading business, while also providing investment management and consulting services, enabling customers to closely follow market situations and seize every profit opportunity.

We will continuously expand the Greater China market and provide quality and safe precious metal trading services for our clients throughout Hong Kong and mainland China.

MT4 Trading Platform

Quick, Transparent, Safe

We offer quality online gold and silver trading services conducted through the MT4 platform trading system, whereby more than 90% of the world’s retail trade volume is also conducted through MT4. The platform provides free, 24-7 real-time quotations, a variety of analyses, and transaction functions and can perform real-time market price or commissioned two-way trading conveniently and accurately.

Our core team members are professionals who have for many years been engaged in precious metal and non-ferrous metal merchandise, futures, options and other related business around the world, in addition to providing investment management and consulting services. Our clients can enjoy round-the-clock instant deposit and withdrawal services for flexible fund allocation; it only takes 10 minutes for a UnionPay online banking remittance to ensure instant capital injection for trading. Customers can withdraw money online at any time. The process is quick and simple.

High Quality Regulated

We are strictly restricted and regulated by the laws and regulations of Hong Kong SAR, the CGSES policies, the practitioner registration system, and the financial reporting system and its regulations, therefore, our operations are highly transparent. We can provide an authenticated transaction code for each completed transaction.

Customers can inquire about transaction records using the transaction code through CGSES’s website. The transaction data is completely and fully transparent, fair, impartial and o