Wealth Management

Build a solid foundation for favorable returns

The wealth management pyramid is a basic concept in financial management. Firstly, a sound wealth management basis should be planned, after which high-yield financial products should be gradually introduced to the portfolio.

In recent years, the global situation has changed dramatically. The former style of passive management is already outdated and investors now need a more dynamic management. Through careful observation of capital flow and minute market changes, we make timely adjustments in asset management and execute them through a combination of forms, thereby generating a greater overall return than with a single product/service.


Glory Sun Wealth Management Limited was established in April 2012 and officially entered full service in July of that year.

This Company is a member of the Hong Kong Professional Insurance Brokers Association and a registered insurance broker company as approved by the government of Hong Kong. Our products and services include insurance planning, fund investment, investment planning, family trusts, policy financing, retirement planning, inheritance planning, and offshore investment consultancy services. As a professional wealth management consultancy, our aim is put the customer first, gain a deep understanding and analysis of your financial needs to provide tailor-made financial plans for your stable and abundant future.

Transnational reputable financial institutions

Create an effective global allocation for your wealth

Our team uses their investment expertise to select the appropriate “wealth appreciation portfolio” management plan based on your needs, including risk management and investment advice. Our reliable team of experts effectively allocates assets, continuously provides risk management and investment advice, allowing you to achieve your financial goals and save your valuable time.

We have been choosing internationally renowned financial institutions as partners in order to provide more comprehensive risk management and protection for your selected investment products. Our expert investment team is composed of professional consultants with different expertise, including accountants, lawyers, investment professionals, and financial planners.

It is our expertise to effectively and continuously grow the value of your exclusive “wealth appreciation portfolio” management plan.

Our promise

Stable wealth appreciation accompanies us though our lives, we are committed to creating a more fruitful life for clients through wealth creation.

We are based in Hong Kong and backed by China. With the advantages of Hong Kong as an international financial center, we provide comprehensive financial services to individual customers all over the world. Our professional team has rich experience in international investment, they are experts in global investment and wealth allocation, and can produce reliable research on global investments in order to save your valuable time and bring you the fruits of professional investments.

We have always been always customer-oriented; in the future we will continue to uphold the customer-first spirit, put your wishes into practice, and move faster and further for your future.